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Service Handbook


Maturity Levels

We’ve chosen to have three levels of maturity for our model, but it’s important not to get to hung up on them - they’re just tools to help you identify ways to improve.

Level 0 - Not improving Teams are continuing to do things the way they have always been done. Processes and tools have been cobbled together over time, but aren’t really helping deliver value to the users. The team know that there are areas that can be improved, and have some passing knowledge of best-practices, but haven’t had the opportunities to try them.
Level 1 - Identified, and working on it Teams are taking measured steps towards improvements in their internal processes and practices. Whilst new and challenging, these steps increase the agility of the team, which leads to better, faster delivery. The team can sense that things are improving, and are motivated to learn more about delivery improvements.
Level 2 - Ingrained in DNA Teams operating at this level are on the cutting-edge of delivery practices, which are tried-and-tested to deliver better quality, robust, faster, and more meaningful products to the users. Team members are excited and motivated to be working on great products that really help the users.