Digital Transformation Office

Service Handbook


2.1. The team

Alpha requires a cross-functional team of capable digital specialists, subject matter experts, and a strong service manager.

The team for Alpha should build upon the team already established during the Discovery phase. It is best if the existing team from Discovery continue to work on the Alpha - keeping in the existing empathy, context and momentum within the team.

The most effective digital teams are ones where everyone works on the team full-time. In large organisations this can be difficult, so delivery managers should be proactive in defending the time of team members being pulled into other projects.

For alpha, the following roles in the team are essential:

  • Product manager
  • Business analyst
  • Delivery manager
  • User researcher
  • Service designer
  • Technical architect
  • Agile coach
  • Developer
  • Content designer

A senior member of the organisation should take the ‘senior responsible owner’ role. Often, this might be the product manager, but it can be someone else.

There is more detail on each of these roles in the Digital Service Standard.

The DTO will also provide a Digital Transformation Advisor to assist projects based in its delivery hubs.